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In the field of planning, construction and operation of transport systems SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH distinguishes between the two business domains:

  • transport infrastructure planning and
  • road traffic engineering.

The transport infrastructure planning division covers the whole range from transport planning concepts to complement the infrastructure up to the execution of projects. A sustainable urban and regional coordination of the tasks of the means of transport, an optimised combination of the transport systems and, finally, an adequate organisation regarding construction, operation and management are in the focus of the planning process.

Road traffic engineering is primarily concerned with the flow of traffic. The spectrum of activities covers the general conception of technical systems up to the professional support of projects in the implementation phase. The organisation and operation of traffic control systems extend both to applications within and outside of agglomerations. The field of information technology in transport is enclosed here as regards the conception, provision and maintenance of software as well as the design of system architectures.

Both business domains are closely related to each other and must be harmonised with the requirements of sustainability, environmental compatibility, economic efficiency, traffic safety as well as the constantly changing socio-economic basic conditions. Due to this complex interaction it is important to consider and develop transport projects in an integrated way. The two activity fields of traffic management and transport research function as an integrating element to bring both business domains together.

Business Domain: Transport Infrastructure Planning


The service range of SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH covers the following three fields of activity within the transport infrastructure planning domain:

Transport Studies

Transport Infrastructure Design

Project Management

The activity of transport studies contains above all conceptual studies. The tasks of planning and analysis cover a spectrum from single questions up to activities for municipalities and/or smaller towns, activities for agglomerations, as e.g. Stuttgart and Hamburg, up to larger transport regions, e.g. German federal states and/or Germany or, involving several countries, the neighbouring countries of Europe. The field of transport infrastructure design includes planning services of dimensioning and technical design. The area of project management primarily handles the tasks of project steering and controlling.


Business Domain: Road Traffic Engineering


The service range of SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH covers the three main fields of activity within the road traffic engineering domain:

Urban Traffic Control

Traffic Control

Information Technology


Urban traffic control covers planning as well as support during the implementation of light signal systems, parking and traffic guidance systems as well as of components for public transport. In inter-urban traffic control planning and professional support during the implementation of systems for traffic and net control are provided. Information technology covers the software parts of the traffic engineering projects.