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Activities in Transport Infrastructure Planning

Transport Studies

With the activity of transport studies SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH covers mainly the creation of the bases for representing traffic conditions and for analysing the impacts that result from infrastructural or regulatory measures. To this aim traffic modelling is carried out, which is based on the data of mobility behaviour, transport infrastructure in private vehicle traffic as well as in public transport and freight traffic. As a result of the trip generation and traffic assignment it is possible to reproduce the traffic conditions in a road network or even in small-scale net elements, such as road sections or intersections. By generating multimodal transport planning models it is even possible to analyse the interactions between offer and demand in private vehicle traffic and public transport.

SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH successfully worked on projects in the following areas:


  • overall transport planning and transport development plans
  • transport studies and analyses of impacts
  • transport modelling
  • measure evaluation
  • economic efficiency analyses
  • feasibility studies
  • noise and pollutant analyses
  • Public Private Partnerships