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Traffic Management

Traffic management is part of both business domains and can be arranged into three large topic areas, which have to be handled in detail in each case in the context of the actual local framework conditions. The strategic area encloses the advancement, integration and coordination or combination of technical systems as components of transport telematics. It contains the conception of strategic networks and the organisation of traffic as well. As regards information technology, topics like data exchange and data contents in heterogeneous nets, communication protocols, interfaces, logical and physical system architectures as well as security concepts are dealt with. In addition, the conception and development of the required system architecture take place in the area of conflicting administrative scopes of competence as well as in the process of coordination between private and public interests. Combining the experience from the above topic areas allows SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH to achieve optimum results in concrete projects, as for example, the updating of existing individual systems or the bundling of single systems into one complex overall approach.

SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH has worked successfully on corresponding projects in the following areas:


  • conception and coordination of traffic management systems
  • concepts for public parking
  • concepts for event traffic
  • information systems for public transport, private vehicle traffic and parking traffic
  • multimodal information services
  • intermodal system network
  • mobility management
  • operating concepts